EzPz Content Management System

The EzPz ("Easy Peazy") Content Management System does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a fast intuitive easy to use website management system. Designed to quick and simple to use.



  • Get sites up and running fast.

    Have your new site up and running in minutes not weeks.
  • Fully managed

    All the management of the system, upgrades, hosting, servers are all taken care of for you - no "IT guy" need.
  • Scaleable

    By leaveraging the latest in cloud hosting technology, your site will scale to take whatever traffic you can throw at it. Instantly. If you get the "Digg effect" your site won't go down under the strain, it will keep running as fast as ever.
  • Fast

    Fast to edit, fast for the user and fast service
  • Reliable

    By only using the best infrastucture partners, we are able to provide the service with multiple redundancy, backups and scaleability as standard.
  • Intuitive

    Most CMS are complicated and hard to use. EzPz is intuitive - if you can use a word processing program like Microsoft Word then you are all set.
  • Works with any web design



CDN - Content Delivery Network to ensure high availability of your files and media, whilst ensuring minimal latency to anywhere in the world.

Extensive use caching and compression to minimise files sizes and thus reduce the download times to the user.

Automatic image thimbnailing and compression.
As images are uploaded they are resized and optimised for the web, whilst a smaller thumbnail of the images is also automatically created.

Complete design freedom
No specialised templating languages, no server side code just standard (X)HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The only caviat is no Flash based sites (your site can still use flash, but it can't be 100% Flash if you till want to be able to edit it).

Edit your site without needing to know any code. You can even add cool stuff like YouTube videos and PayPal buttons.

No Software to download
All you need is a modern web browser.

Edit your site wherever and whenever


To ensure the highest levels of availability, we have partnered with the industry's best.