Why use Razorstone?

  • Your web projects are built around you and your business goals.
  • Deadlines are not flexible: when we say we will deliver. We do. 
  • Quality is non-negotiable: we won't compromise. Full stop. 
  • Quotes are fixed - no nasty billing surprises.
  • We only use experts, so you get the best team of professionals specially selected for individual needs of your project.

This means we can cover any needs your project might have from scoping, design, usability testing, copy writing, development, email marketing or any other requirement; we can help you.

What does Razorstone do?

  • web applications
  • mobile sites
  • systems integratiion
  • web sites
  • usability
  • consultancy
  • project management
  • advice
We make your online presence sing (and possibly dance). Its all about your bottom line. We're here to make the online world work for you.
How we do things is just as important as what we do. We have a simple mission:


Simple. Reliable. Service.

The Environment

We only use 100% renewable energy. Making us carbon neutral, but not content with that. We are now carbon-less. We have a negative carbon footprint.

How are we achieving this?
Re-foresting 100acres of farm land; helping it regenerate by planting 33,500 trees. We don't want to just minimize our impact on the earth, we want to make things better.